Choosing ENERGY STAR Certified Products

In today’s world we need to look beyond just the aesthetics of our new windows. We find our environment captured by an increased focus on energy, and we can help you reduce energy consumption – with ENERGY STAR qualified windows from Alside. Since windows are roughly 80% glass, it’s important to choose an energy-efficient ENERGY STAR qualified window.

Installing ENERGY STAR certified windows and doors helps to lower energy bills and save you money. With more efficient windows, you also use less energy, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. A cleaner environment and improved home comfort with reduced energy consumption are the key goals of ENERGY STAR.

ENERGY STAR performance requirements have changed for 2015 and 2016. To be certain you are choosing an ENERGY STAR qualified window or patio door make sure to ask for a product that is certified to meet ENERGY STAR requirements.

When the new criteria for ENERGY STAR® Version 6.0 for residential windows, doors and skylights took effect on January 1, 2015, the Northern Climate Zone of the U.S. was given an additional year before the increased performance requirements were implemented. This extension for the Northern Climate Zone allowed the industry adequate time to identify cost-saving measures to further reduce incremental costs for consumers.

Alside Windows Meet Stringent ENERGY STAR Performance Requirements in all U.S. Climate Zones. Consult your window professional to help you choose the best glass package to meet the ENERGY STAR requirements for your home and climate zone.


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